VR Factory Games S.A. and CEO Sławomir Matul nominated for the "Innovative Leader 2023" Awards!

28 czerwiec 2023

VR Factory Games S.A., a Polish video game studio focused on virtual reality (VR) games, is pleased to find its nomination for the "Innovative Leader 2023" Award. Moreover, our founder and CEO Sławomir Matul was also nominated in the individual category.

The "Innovative Leader" awards honor the company, brands, services, as well as leaders, presidents, board members and founders for implementing solutions in the target, marketing, product or partner areas.

VR Factory Games S.A. has won international acclaim for its innovative products, including the critically acclaimed "Bartender VR Simulator" and the thrilling "Horror Bar VR" experience.

These titles have been recognized with various prestigious awards, highlighting the studio's commitment to delivering exceptional VR gaming experiences:

VR Awards 2021 Finalist, VR Game of the Year: "Horror Bar VR"
GDC 2018 Viveport Developer Awards - USA: VR Education and Training of the Year, "Bartender VR Simulator"
VR Awards 2018, VR Education of the Year: "Bartender VR Simulator"
Best Startup/Product of the European VR/AR Congress 2017: "Bartender VR Simulator"
Sławomir Matul, apart from his role in VR Factory Games S.A., also gained recognition as an individual. Two-time finalist (2019 and 2020) of the prestigious ranking of the "50 Most Creative in Business".

We are incredibly proud of these nominations. These nominations are a testament to our innovative DNA and the tireless efforts of our exceptional team to ensure that this DNA is in every project we undertake. We would like to express our gratitude to the talented members of our team and our community for their support